In most cases you will arrive on an Intercontinental flight and land in Windhoek.

If you are a group traveler you will be met at the airport by your supervisor and do not need to worry about anything else.

If you are an individual traveler you have the choice between a cab or a rental car. Bitterwasser will gladly organize the transfer by cab from the airport to the lodge.

Bitterwasser is located in the Kalahari, about 3 hours drive from Windhoek. The nearest supermarket is about an hour and a half drive away in Mariental, and there are gas station stores in Kalkrand and Rehoboth. These are also at least 60 kilometers away and can only be reached via gravel roads. This means that planning is everything. That's why we give help to flyers and non-flyers in the form of packing lists. Here you have a rough overview of what you urgently need in Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre and what we have already organized for your stay.




If you have ordered a cab or a rental car via Bitterwasser, you will be picked up by a driver with a Bitterwasser sign. Depending on how you arrive (cab or rental car) you will then drive to the car rental in Windhoek or directly by cab to Bitterwasser.
As always in life, many roads lead to Bitterwasser, many choose the route Windhoek-Rehoboth-Kalkrand-Hoachanas-Bitterwasser, about 290 km, of which 60 km are unpaved road. This is also recommended by the car rental company.

ATTENTION, if you drive yourself - in Namibia there is left-hand traffic!



Tip. If your plane is delayed, please calculate 3-4 hours drive and ask when the sun goes down, because it is not recommended to go at night to Bitterwasser because of the many wild animals.