... soon the time will come - then the journey begins.



Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months on the day of entry, please apply for a new passport in time.



No visa is required for guests from EU countries and Switzerland.


Travel health insurance

It is very useful to take out a private travel health insurance in advance, if possible also including  repatriation. Often this even runs through the credit card for up to two months.

Also a travel cancellation insurance as well as a luggage and accident insurance should be thought about.



Before starting the trip, it is worthwhile to refresh the vaccinations for tetanus and hepatitis A+B. If a round trip through Namibia or the neighboring countries is planned after the flying vacation, they should be advised by a tropical specialist. Vaccinations for yellow fever may then be considered.

The south of Namibia is malaria free due to the severe drought. For journeys in the direction of Etosha Pan, however, at least malaria prophylaxis tablets should be taken.

Bitterwasser itself has a well equipped Medic-Room and almost the whole season a doctor is present.


Time change:

There is no time change in Namibia anymore. The time difference between Namibia and most parts of Europe is +1h when it is winter time in Europe. Therefore, a vacation in Namibia is possible without jetlag. Nevertheless, the climatic changes should not be underestimated.



The non-stop flight to Windhoek International, Hosea Kutako Airport (WDH) brings you comfortably, virtually in your sleep, to Namibia. Shortly before landing, the nice ladies hand out the entry document to fill out - for our guests already here to download if you want.


Entry form as PDF

At the airport, a short walk to the immigration counter awaits you. Here you need some patience, because the authorities look at and check the papers very carefully and there are usually some queues.



Please make sure that the date stamp of entry and planned departure, etc. with the stamp in the passport is made. This does not happen often, but it has also happened that the customs officers have made a mistake and that makes trouble when leaving the country.

Now we go to the baggage claim area. Sometimes all pieces of luggage have to pass through a scanner and sometimes not, so here too you have to wait patiently until you get to the reception hall.


Rental car or pickup service

If you have ordered a cab or a rental car through us, you will be picked up by a driver with a Bitterwasser sign. Depending on your mode of arrival (cab or rental car) you will then drive to the car rental in Windhoek or directly by cab to Bitterwasser.


We may use this map with the kind permission of Professor Jäschke.

The way to Bitterwasser takes between 3 and 4 hours of driving. As always in life, many roads lead to Bitterwasser, many choose the Windhoek-Rehoboth-Kalkrand-Hoachanas-Bitterwasser route, about 290 km, 60 km of which is unpaved road. This is also recommended by the car rental company.

ATTENTION, if you drive yourself - in Namibia there is left-hand traffic!



Tip. If your plane is delayed, please calculate 3-4 hours drive and ask when the sun goes down, because it is not recommended to go at night to Bitterwasser because of the many wild animals.