Prices - Container

Container transport Germany/Namibia/Germany

In mid-September, own 40-ft containers are loaded with private gliders and sent on the 3-4 week sea voyage. First half of March the containers are back in Europe.
Container location: South Germany:


Prices 2023/24

Glider transport to Bitterwasser and back in container Guests Shareholders
up to 18 meters wing span 3.900,- € 3.600,- €
second pair of outer wings for 15 meters and 18 meters versions 600,- € 400,- €
larger 18 meter to 23 meter wing span single seater 4.200,- € 3.900,- €
larger than 23 meters / double seater / open class 6.000,- € 5.700,- €
New - NCAA Namibia overflight permit per aircraft
(only if calculated)
1.000,- N$ 1.000,- N$


Due to the current situation in the transport industry, the prices for container transport are "base prices". There is an inflation surcharge added, which depends on the current, actual transport costs.


Due date 100%, payable within 14 days after invoice date. If no payment is made within 14 days, the right to a container place expires. In case of cancellation until 3.June, 50% of the fee will be refunded. After that no refund is possible. If a new tenant is found for the container space: Refund possible.