Pampering in Bungalow Deluxe


Life in the middle of the desert without sacrificing comfort: the 22 bungalows in Bitterwasser offer this luxury. With air conditioning and optional ceiling fan, the living and sleeping climate can be precisely adjusted individually. This includes a spacious shower room with toilet. Little things can be prepared in the kitchenettes.

The overhanging thatched roofs provide ample shade for the terraces in front of the generously glazed rooms. And you're on your own. The layout of the bungalow park creates each home's own private, tranquil sphere.

1/2 Bungalow Deluxe offers even more space to relax and be happy than the regular bungalow.




Bitterwasser may already be in the middle of the Kalahari, the sparsely populated savannah-like grass and bush landscape that stretches from South Africa across the country to Botswana, but it is not far from the world. Unique to guest farms in the country, there is a stable 50MB Internet connection here. In the restaurant and in all bungalows you can connect via WLAN.

Far away from civilization, you do not have to do without the usual comforts in Bitterwasser. In case of power failures, which are unfortunately not that rare, a large aggreat immediately steps in, so that you do not have to do without air conditioning, light and telephone.

A mosquito net, which protects against annoying mosquitoes, is available for every bed.