Well planned is well packed!


Bitterwasser is located in the Kalahari, about 3 hours by car from Windhoek. The next supermarket is about one and a half hours drive away in Mariental, in Kalkrand and Rehoboth there are gas station stores. These are also at least 60 kilometers away and can only be reached via gravel roads. This means that planning is everything. That's why we give help to flyers and non-flyers in the form of packing lists. Here you have a rough overview of what you urgently need in Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Centre and what we have already organized for your stay.


Take with you

  • Light clothes, plus "evening clothes" with long arms and legs (see health).
  • Little laundry (you can have laundry washed: handed in in the morning, it will be washed and ironed in the afternoon in the bungalow)
  • Sun hat or cap - sunstroke is certain otherwise
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Lip balm (dry air)
  • Nasal ointment
  • Eye drops or eye ointment (in the first days the sun and sand can irritate the eyes)
  • Moisturizing skin cream
  • Insect repellent (there is no malaria but sometimes "snakes"; there is a spray can in each room for direct control, but not for spraying or rubbing yourself)
  • Sunscreen with high sun protection factor (50+)
  • Shoes: Light shoes and hiking boots - there are several hiking trails in Bitterwasser.


Leave at home

  • Bath towels, they are freshly provided daily at the pool
  • Kettle - is in every bungalow, with cups, tea bags and instant coffee (except in the rondavels)
  • Tea and coffee can be made by you - except in the rondavels; if you prefer fancy varieties, you should bring bags/powder with you
  • Adapters, we have 220V and Euro plugs (this does not apply to the rest of Namibia - they use the South African, rather bulky plugs, adapters can be bought in Namibia)
  • Water - you can buy our own treated drinking water in Bitterwasser, carbonated or non-carbonated, in PET- bottles.