Workshop and technical assistance


There is a well-equipped, large aviation workshop at Bitterwasser Lodge. If the worst comes to the worst, work on airframes, engines or electrical systems can be done there quickly and under expert supervision.

Bitterwasser does not assume any warranty for the work.

Even annual re-inspections for Namibian and German registered aircraft are possible.
Our service also includes:

  • Oxygen replenishment
  • Battery charging stations
  • fuels (AVGAS, mixtures)
  • Nasal cannulas
  • Provision of a satellite telephone
  • Extension cords
  • Replacement of common batteries
  • Compressed air and much more are of course available.
  • Expert help for engine and plastic work
  • Help with uploading logger files
  • and much more!




The workshop in Bitterwasser is also better equipped this season than ever before.
Also, the floor has been sealed, the walls newly and brightly painted and the roof insulated.
This allows us to "treat" the "sick" aircraft in a dust-free atmosphere and at pleasant temperatures.