Bitterwasser Cup

Bitterwasser Pty. is also interested in promoting young talent. Therefore, the Bitterwasser Cup was announced via the OLC for juniors, which basically has the following rules:

1. The Bitterwasser Cup takes place annually
2. The take-off location for the evaluation flights must be a country included in the OLC Europe.
3. All youths whose 25th birthday is in the calendar year of the flight or who are younger can participate.
4. The six best flights will be scored according to the rules of the OLC-Plus.
5. The flight documentation must be done with an IGC approved flight data recorder (green V-dot in the info window).
6. The winner of the BitterwasserCup receives the prize of the Bitterwasser-Logde. However, if he has already won the prize once, the next placed pilot will receive it.
7. The prize must be received personally at the OLC finals at the Wasserkuppe in early October.


Design of the prize:

8 days stay in Bitterwasser, plus 1 day each for arrival and departure.
Free flight from Frankfurt/Main to Windhoek and transfer to the lodge and back to Windhoek.

Free food and accommodation incl. drinks (except alcohol).
During his stay the awardee will be provided with a glider by the Bitterwasser-Lodge in Namibia
OR the Bitterwasser-Lodge will transport a club airplane of the prize winner to Bitterwasser at its own expense.
(the corresponding variant will be decided at short notice exclusively by BW).

All appointments will be made exclusively through the Bitterwasser office.