in Bitterwasser.

Welcome to a beautiful place of rest and relaxation or demanding flying.

In Bitterwasser there are the experience-oriented and the result-oriented pilots.

Everyone can be happy here according to their own taste. There are those who take off only when the thermals have developed very well and land again after a few hours, and others who take off before the thermals start and land only 15 minutes after sunset.

Online Contest OLC

Here you can find the results of the International Online Contest.

Pilots from all over the world enter their flights here and the ranking results from this.

Palm trees

The palm tree avenue is one of Bitterwasser's trademarks. Everybody has heard of it and every year many pilots come to Bitterwasser in order to plant a palm tree with the achievement of the 1000km diploma.

Bitterwasser Cup

Bitterwasser Pty. is also interested in promoting young talent. Therefore, the Bitterwasser Cup was announced via the OLC for juniors. A very attractive prize.


in Namibia

The best Gliding Site of the World*.

You will find exceptionally good conditions. The weather here is exceptionally good! (*quote Bruno Gantenbrink after his first stay in Bitterwasser).


As far as the wings will carry on 3.000.000 sqm flying area international pilots will find best conditions for outstanding flight performances.

Information for pilots

Flying in Namibia is very different from flying in Central Europe. This information should help you to make your stay in Bitterwasser as pleasant and above all as safe as possible.

Glider charter

We are happy to assist you in finding an aircraft. Most of the aircraft - charter in Bitterwasser runs through private individuals or companies.