Bitterwasser has its own containers with which the aircraft are transported to Namibia. Many customers use this service to ship their own aircraft to Namibia.

The planes will be loaded in southern Germany in early/mid-September and will be on their way to Namibia. At the end of October, our team is on site to receive the containers. In mid-January the planes start their return journey and are back in Germany in mid-March. We recommend to check the insurance conditions of your hull insurance regarding container transport. With some insurances it is included and with some an additional insurance is necessary, which we strongly recommend. For many years everything can go well, but a damage cannot be excluded. Therefore, we strongly recommend transport insurance. Bitterwasser explicitly excludes transport liability.

Own glider or charter


You want to bring your own aircraft to Bitterwasser and possibly charter it?

Many pilots charter their aircraft. This reduces the costs for the owner. We are happy to help with the charterer/charterer mediation. Ultimately, however, the charter contract is concluded between the charterer and the charter company.


You want to charter an aircraft?

Address in Germany

Bitterwasser Containerport
Friedrich-Hecker-Allee 1
68763 Waghäusel

Accessories box

A maximum of one accessory box with the dimensions: 1100(l) x 600(w) x 500(h) and of course the towing harness, dolly and wing supports can be loaded per aircraft.

Important! Only such tow bars are allowed in Bitterwasser.