Nothing for free

Thousand kilometer flights were always in the scoring for the Bitterwasser pilots on the last few days. But they were not given to them. The wind slowed down at more than 60 kph and yesterday thunderstorms forced the pilots to the very edge of the flight area.

On Wednesday, in the biting headwind, the final approach altitude disappeared for many and forced a powered flight over the last few kilometers. Yesterday, the highly explosive thunderstorm situation caused an increased level of stress in the cockpit after the two completely different weather forecasts had been chosen for the optimistic and for flying. Some pilots returned to Bitterwasser early before the rain pelted the pan. Others let themselves be pushed further and further by the storm lines to the west, but then found a calm zone behind the showers for a long final approach.
Kilian Biechele: “Today we have seen pretty much all weather phenomena here in Namibia. At the turnaround in the southwest, I didn't believe that we would end up in Bitterwasser again. There were thunderstorms everywhere and so we only had the way to the far west on the edge in the direction of Gamsberg.” On this first flight with the Quintus, Kilian covered 1061 kilometers despite all the adversities.


Ein neues Gesicht in Bitterwasser.

Florian Stoyke ist die diesjährige Unterstützung im Flight Office. Gemeinsam mit Dirk Skura und Michael Stoltze bildet er das Team der Flugsaison 2022/23.

Ein ganz normaler Namibia Flugtag

Gestern (15.11.) war schon beim Briefing klar dass man heute vierstellig fliegen kann. Und das haben dann auch insgesamt 23 Besatzungen, in Bitterwasser 9, gemacht und Strecken über 1000 km hingelegt.