Game Drive and Sun Downer

In the past Bitterwasser was a farm. There are no cattle here anymore, but game instead. Giraffes and zebras have been settled. Large springbok herds came about without any action. They are now the attraction for the game drives, the safari trips.

At the end are the popular sun downers. Celebrating the sunset. The third large dune is the favored viewing platform. From here the view extends far across the landscape to the horizon. With your feet in the still hot red sand and a cold drink from the improvised bar in your hand, you are more than willing to let yourself be taken in by the beauty of Namibia. A night drive takes you back to the lodge later.


Ein neues Gesicht in Bitterwasser.

Florian Stoyke ist die diesjährige Unterstützung im Flight Office. Gemeinsam mit Dirk Skura und Michael Stoltze bildet er das Team der Flugsaison 2022/23.

Ein ganz normaler Namibia Flugtag

Gestern (15.11.) war schon beim Briefing klar dass man heute vierstellig fliegen kann. Und das haben dann auch insgesamt 23 Besatzungen, in Bitterwasser 9, gemacht und Strecken über 1000 km hingelegt.