And again a thousand k day in Bitterwasser. Johannes Kammerer flies them non-stop with his Ventus 2cxM. Yesterday he immediately added another to his 25th jubilee 1000 k. A long line of convergence under a huge spreaded cloud helped to its success.

Fractocumuli at around 5000 meters MSL marked the updraft line. But only for those who reached it when it emerged. Those who came little bit later did not reach this afterburner for the quick day. Fast lines had already formed at noon from Bitterwasser to the southeast. For a 1000 k flight you shouldn’t get bogged down for too long on the way to the first clouds in the north. They weren't good for much.


Flightoffice complete

Seit zwei Tagen ist das Flightoffice komplett!



Am 11. Januar 2023 ist Johann Luyckx mit dem Ventus 2 csm das erste Mal über 1250 km geflogen. Damit wird die Palmallee um eine neue Palme erweitert.