Outside landing

There was a lot of excitement in the evening of 11.11.2022. At about 18:00 DW reports that they have to land outside.
What had happened?

Gerhard and Astrid had flown a little too far south in the strong northwest wind (50 km/h) and noticed on the return flight that the thermals were breaking down. So the decision, still at higher altitude, the engine out and climb with engine on final approach altitude, for about 78 km final approach. After about 2 minutes, however, the engine then went on strike. So engine in and land in the pan, which had been selected as alternate before. So there was still enough time to radio the intention. After the landing Bitterwasser had no more contact with the two. After a short time, however, fortunately an "OK, we're fine." message via the SPOT emergency and tracking system. That reassured for the time being.

The two, quite correctly, took their SPOT with them when they tried to walk to a farm three kilometers away. This could be tracked in the flight office in Bitterwasser.

Unfortunately, the farm was locked and no one was there. So they could not make a phone call. So they went back to the plane and waited there for help.

In Bitterwasser a team was sent to pick them up and bring them back to Bitterwasser. At 00:30, everyone was back in Bitterwasser. However, the plane was still outside.

The next morning a team with a universal trailer drove off to recover the airplane. In the evening they were back as well. The following day, they set up and started troubleshooting the engine.


Not far to go home
Along the road into the pan
Derigging and loading the next day
Ready for departure
Arrived well at home

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Aircraft back home

On Saturday we were able to unload six containers with the aircraft. On Friday, after extensive inspections at customs in Rotterdam(X-ray) and Bruchsal(gas examination), they arrived safely and without damage in Waghäusel.

1400 Kilometres for Christmas

Flying 1000 kilometres on Christmas is a great gift for any pilot. Four pilots fulfilled this wish with over 1100 kilometres on a day with unexpected possibilities. Simon Schröder and Max Schäfer flew a whole 1400 kilometres with the EB28 on Christmas Eve. In the following, they report on their flight.