After a long journey...

The line of trailers had long opened their mouths wide on Wednesday to finally accommodate the planes from Bitterwasser. But first, customs had to look inside the containers.

Patience was required beforehand. The "Green Mountain" with the valuable cargo from Namibia had reached Rotterdam with a huge delay. But on Wednesday morning, the articulated lorries should finally drop off the Bitterwasser transports in Waghäusel, where they now have their new location.
It's been a long day. For the unloading of the last planes, the scene had to be illuminated with cars, because two container trucks had only made it to Waghäusel from a full motorway blockade in the late afternoon, it was almost evening. In the end, however, all the trailers were able to head home after they had been successfully loaded – just in time for the new season.
Hardly anyone had wanted to pass up the opportunity to receive their planes as early as possible. Only seven latecomers with a long journey will not pick up their planes until Saturday, as planned.

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We mourn the loss of Dieter Schwenk

As a member of the Bitterwasser Board of Directors and CFI of the Soaring Society of Namibia, Dieter has rendered outstanding services to gliding in Namibia.

Sitting at his favorite spot in Bitterwasser, he has left us forever.

We will not forget him.

Season final

The season in Bitterwasser is slowly drawing to a close.
One by one, the gliders are being loaded into the containers. And still some teams fly over 1000 kilometers every day.