Namibia at its best

Now the 1000s and 1100s are tumbling in Namibia. Some teams that have missed the big plus have to be jokingly asked in Michael Stoltze's briefing in the morning: What was going on? Less than 1100 k?

Wilfried Großkinsky and Bitterwasser Cup winner Eric Schneider set the bar on Wednesday: 1270 kilometers, average speed 160 kph! The EB28 team achieved the best average speed over several hundred kilometers on the tailwind leg from the northwest to the southeast with 225 kph.
After a good 100 to 150 kilometers journey in blue thermal, the first clouds were reached and the race along the lines could begin. The only question was: along the line up very close to the showers in the east or along those further facing the sun. In the evening, one had to take the maximum altitude and start the final approach through the blue over 150 kilometers back to Bitterwasser.


Ein neues Gesicht in Bitterwasser.

Florian Stoyke ist die diesjährige Unterstützung im Flight Office. Gemeinsam mit Dirk Skura und Michael Stoltze bildet er das Team der Flugsaison 2022/23.

Ein ganz normaler Namibia Flugtag

Gestern (15.11.) war schon beim Briefing klar dass man heute vierstellig fliegen kann. Und das haben dann auch insgesamt 23 Besatzungen, in Bitterwasser 9, gemacht und Strecken über 1000 km hingelegt.