Just married in Bitterwasser

“No, that's not our honeymoon,” said the so obviously enamoured Christopher and Marie Rogos when they arrived at Bitterwasser. But just six weeks before their joint gliding vacation in Namibia they got married.

"We planned our vacation here a year in advance," said Christopher as an explanation. However, the two of them did not marry spontaneously after all. They got to know each other during their shared hobby at Akaflieg Frankfurt at the Ring Ziegenhein site. Christopher is also a flight instructor there, but he has not trained Marie, who started gliding four years before. “But he let me go for the first solo flight,” says Marie. In the meantime they have covered big distances together in the Duo Discus. With two LS4s they also covered distances  up to 600 km. Sometimes the tasks were distributed differently: At the German championship of the 18m class in Stendal Marie was Christoph's helper. In Bitterwasser they now share an Arcus cockpit. Almost a 1000 k flight is already in the flight log.
After two weeks of gliding, they will go with a camper with a roof tent on a discovery tour through Namibia.


Ein neues Gesicht in Bitterwasser.

Florian Stoyke ist die diesjährige Unterstützung im Flight Office. Gemeinsam mit Dirk Skura und Michael Stoltze bildet er das Team der Flugsaison 2022/23.

Ein ganz normaler Namibia Flugtag

Gestern (15.11.) war schon beim Briefing klar dass man heute vierstellig fliegen kann. Und das haben dann auch insgesamt 23 Besatzungen, in Bitterwasser 9, gemacht und Strecken über 1000 km hingelegt.