The rainy season is approaching

It's getting showery in southern Namibia. As the season progresses, the Inertropical Convergence Zone advances southward. In this air mass, showers and thunderstorms are now announced again and again.

Although the cumuli are now showing up early over Bitterwasser and the base heights level off at 1700 meters above ground from midday – at least around 3000 meters MSL – the routes are modest compared to the main season. Who likes unpleasant surprises that block the way back in the form of showers? It's better not to go too far. So prepare for future good Central European gliding conditions. Today at least four tireless teams could be observed in the OGN.

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1400 Kilometres for Christmas

Flying 1000 kilometres on Christmas is a great gift for any pilot. Four pilots fulfilled this wish with over 1100 kilometres on a day with unexpected possibilities. Simon Schröder and Max Schäfer flew a whole 1400 kilometres with the EB28 on Christmas Eve. In the following, they report on their flight.

The Line-Boys of the 2022/23 Season

Our Line-Boys are doing a valuable job again this year.
During the season, when there is always a lot of activity, the experienced Line-
Boys (easily recognisable by their red clothing) contribute to smooth flight