The rainy season is approaching

It's getting showery in southern Namibia. As the season progresses, the Inertropical Convergence Zone advances southward. In this air mass, showers and thunderstorms are now announced again and again.

Although the cumuli are now showing up early over Bitterwasser and the base heights level off at 1700 meters above ground from midday – at least around 3000 meters MSL – the routes are modest compared to the main season. Who likes unpleasant surprises that block the way back in the form of showers? It's better not to go too far. So prepare for future good Central European gliding conditions. Today at least four tireless teams could be observed in the OGN.

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Bitterwasser orders PV plant and reduces its carbon footprint

Namibia obtains most of its electricity from South Africa. There, mainly hard coal power plants are in operation, because South Africa can extract hard coal in opencast mining.
Now the exhaust gases of the South African hard coal power plants are not as well cleaned as in Germany. Therefore it is important to do without this electricity.

The first gliders are loaded and on their way.

This year the gliders will be brought to Bitterwasser in two groups. At the moment no forwarder can guarantee when the containers will arrive. Therefore we have decided to send four containers a little earlier so that they will actually be in Bitterwasser on November 01 for the start of the season.