It takes many hands to prepare the 2023/24 season and plan the flight operations.
This also brings some new faces to Bitterwasser.

In addition to Stefan and Domink Senger, who will still manage the flight office until mid-November and will then be replaced by Michael Stolze, Bernd Mangold and Pirmin Sensing are also real experts at the glider.
They are primarily the technical support in the workshop.
Both work at Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau and therefore know what they are talking about. Also thanks to them, flying from morning to night is possible. Pirmin stays until the end of the season to make sure that all flyers are well.
All four support each other energetically!

One or the other may have read my name already. My name is Hannah Schweckendiek and I am doing the media work and helping out at the reception this season.

The whole team is always open for any questions and suggestions!

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Flightoffice complete

The flight office has been complete for two days!

Palm growth

On January 11, 2023, Johann Luyckx flew over 1250 km for the first time with the Ventus 2 csm. This adds a new palm tree to the palm tree avenue.