New day, new task!

Despite fewer clouds in the sky and a rather weak forecast, the pilots are not going to stop flying.

Instead of a long-haul flight, there was an AAT - signed area task - on 09.12.2023.

Three larger sectors were defined for this. The first sector near Kiripotip with a radius of 20 km, the second sector near Rehoboth with a radius of 35 km, the third sector with a radius of 30 km and the target circle over Bitterwasser. The minimum time was 2.5 hours. A total of 6 gliders flew the task.

At the beginning of the task there were good thermals with strong updrafts with a 4500 meter base.
Between the last two turning points, there was a screen from the west, which made the whole thing more difficult. The thermals weakened. Nevertheless, all participants made it back to Bitterwasser.

Manfred Dick took first place with me (Hannah Schweckendiek) as co-pilot. As a "non-sailplane pilot", I had the opportunity to fly in Bitterwasser for the first time and marvel at the beautiful expanses of Namibia! An incredibly great and unforgettable experience!
We flew 284 km in 2:33 hours at an average speed of 111 km/h.

Close behind us: Carl Schönherr, who covered 279 kilometers in 2:34 hours with an average speed of 108.6 km/h.
Other companions were Patrick Benoist, Jan-Luca Aberle with Ulrich Wild, the team of Helmut Rohs and Christian Bentz and Alvaro Jimenez Aguayo with Ney Lutti.

All the pilots really enjoyed the task. It certainly won't be the last one this season!

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We mourn the loss of Dieter Schwenk

As a member of the Bitterwasser Board of Directors and CFI of the Soaring Society of Namibia, Dieter has rendered outstanding services to gliding in Namibia.

Sitting at his favorite spot in Bitterwasser, he has left us forever.

We will not forget him.

Season final

The season in Bitterwasser is slowly drawing to a close.
One by one, the gliders are being loaded into the containers. And still some teams fly over 1000 kilometers every day.