Good morning Bitterwasser!

Now that the sun has risen over Namibia, Bitterwasser is also starting the day!

The flight office is already preparing at 7:30 am. And the restaurant is also in the starting blocks.
The breakfast buffet opens at 8:30 am. A large selection gives all visitors to Bitterwasser a good start to the day.

The morning briefing starts at 9 am. Updrafts, thermals and clouds are presented in various graphics.

Strengthened with food and knowledge, it's off to the gliders.

One by one, the gliders roll into the pan and then take off into the vastness of the Kalahari Desert.

Have a good flight!

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We mourn the loss of Dieter Schwenk

As a member of the Bitterwasser Board of Directors and CFI of the Soaring Society of Namibia, Dieter has rendered outstanding services to gliding in Namibia.

Sitting at his favorite spot in Bitterwasser, he has left us forever.

We will not forget him.

Season final

The season in Bitterwasser is slowly drawing to a close.
One by one, the gliders are being loaded into the containers. And still some teams fly over 1000 kilometers every day.