Game drive

A game drive through the wilderness of Bitterwasser is a must when visiting Namibia.

Springbok and oryx cross your path as you leave the fence that surrounds the accommodation units and the airstrip.
The beautiful flora and fauna of Africa stretches out before you.

It's not just the antelopes that are out and about here.
In addition to the rather small ground squirrels and mongooses, the curious, majestic giraffes are always happy to show themselves!
The shy herds of zebra are also very common.

And there is not only a lot to see on the ground, some animals can also be seen in the air.
The booted weavers can be recognized by their large bird nests in many places, the vultures circle in search of carcasses and the owls are also on the lookout for prey.

At the end of the game drive, the beautiful sunset is a must. On a high dune with a panoramic view over the vastness of Africa, you can watch the sun disappear.
We then return in the dark. A wonderful end to a Namibian adventure!

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Flightoffice complete

The flight office has been complete for two days!

Palm growth

On January 11, 2023, Johann Luyckx flew over 1250 km for the first time with the Ventus 2 csm. This adds a new palm tree to the palm tree avenue.