Frequent visitor!

It is now two years since Willi the springbok was raised at Bitterwasser Lodge after he was found as an orphaned baby.

As a result, Willi already knows many of the lodge's guests. He comes to visit from time to time to see which guests are visiting Bitterwasser this season.
He sometimes shows himself between the bungalows or in the middle of the palm tree avenue.

And the 4 ostriches that were raised in Bitterwasser often show themselves at the watering hole outside the fence and enjoy the cool water. They are also a little more trusting than normal ostriches. They don't immediately run away when you step a little closer to the fence to observe the large birds more closely.

Sometimes you can watch Willi and the 4 ostriches like a small herd as they all come together to the waterhole and enjoy the fresh water in the dry Kalahari.

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Flightoffice complete

The flight office has been complete for two days!

Palm growth

On January 11, 2023, Johann Luyckx flew over 1250 km for the first time with the Ventus 2 csm. This adds a new palm tree to the palm tree avenue.