Field fires, unfortunately every year

Again this year there are many field fires. But our team is prepared.

In January and February there has been good rain. Because of that a lot of grass has grown. Now the grass is "straw dry" and burns very easily and yeasty.

Our employees are prepared for this and as part of the neighborhood assistance, every fire in a 30km radius is extinguished by all farmers together. On the car there is a pump with a small water barrel and in the second vehicle more water is brought in.

At night you can see especially well how fierce the fires are.

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Aircraft back home

On Saturday we were able to unload six containers with the aircraft. On Friday, after extensive inspections at customs in Rotterdam(X-ray) and Bruchsal(gas examination), they arrived safely and without damage in Waghäusel.

1400 Kilometres for Christmas

Flying 1000 kilometres on Christmas is a great gift for any pilot. Four pilots fulfilled this wish with over 1100 kilometres on a day with unexpected possibilities. Simon Schröder and Max Schäfer flew a whole 1400 kilometres with the EB28 on Christmas Eve. In the following, they report on their flight.