"Delta-Wisky, ready for takeoff in two minutes"

When this radio message reaches Bitterwasser, it goes straight to Stefan and Dominik Senger in the flight office.

The two of them ensure that everything runs smoothly on the ground by coordinating all takeoffs. Runway, takeoff direction, takeoff time - everything is neatly documented and executed.

Avgas and oxygen are always ready here for the extra long flight experience!

Before taking to the air, the team passes on its knowledge to the pilots at the morning briefing. Weather, thermals and winds - the airspace over Namibia is checked.

And even after all the takeoffs, they organize harmonious and regulated flight operations from the ground. The weather parameters and the glider tracker are always in view, the radio always in hand.

So the two of them are an absolute all-round team!

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Flightoffice complete

The flight office has been complete for two days!

Palm growth

On January 11, 2023, Johann Luyckx flew over 1250 km for the first time with the Ventus 2 csm. This adds a new palm tree to the palm tree avenue.