Auf das Neue!

2021 ist gut zu Ende gegangen. Nach einem Pandemie-Jahr freuen wir uns über eine gute Saison 21/22 in Bitterwassser. Für das neue Jahr wünschen wir weite schnelle Flüge und gute Landungen!

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1400 Kilometres for Christmas

Flying 1000 kilometres on Christmas is a great gift for any pilot. Four pilots fulfilled this wish with over 1100 kilometres on a day with unexpected possibilities. Simon Schröder and Max Schäfer flew a whole 1400 kilometres with the EB28 on Christmas Eve. In the following, they report on their flight.

The Line-Boys of the 2022/23 Season

Our Line-Boys are doing a valuable job again this year.
During the season, when there is always a lot of activity, the experienced Line-
Boys (easily recognisable by their red clothing) contribute to smooth flight