A well-rehearsed team!

It's hard to imagine flying without them. The line boys in the 2023/2024 season give their best every day!

The line boys prepare the gliders so that everyone can take off on time. Oxygen, avgas and help with take-off. They have an overview of every single glider in Bitterwasser.
Jeremias Kauena has been leading the team of 9 boys for many years.

The season starts early for everyone. The containers are cleared out and all the gliders are rigged. You can see that this is a well-coordinated team with years of experience.

Even when taking off with many gliders next to each other, the line boys know the exact procedure to ensure smooth flight operations.
When many planes land at the same time towards sunset, the line boys are immediately on hand to make room for landing on the large pan.

The line boys are also available as private helpers. These all-round talents have a lot of fun and enjoy what they do!

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The alternative to the European summer.

For the 2024/2025 season, we still have two container spaces for fast booker
Also Arcus M charter from November 1 to November 19, 2024.
Info: hog@bitterwasser.com

We mourn the loss of Dieter Schwenk

As a member of the Bitterwasser Board of Directors and CFI of the Soaring Society of Namibia, Dieter has rendered outstanding services to gliding in Namibia.

Sitting at his favorite spot in Bitterwasser, he has left us forever.

We will not forget him.