A normal Namibia flying day

Yesterday (15.11.) it was already clear at the briefing that we could fly four digits today. And that's what 23 crews did, in Bitterwasser 9, and they flew distances over 1000 km.

The balance:
5x > 1000 km (1x FAI), 3x > 1100 km and 1x > 1200 km.
The speeds were accordingly high ( up to146 km/h)
The season has now really taken off.  With almost 50 guests Bitterwasser is very well visited already at the beginning.
The participants of "Flying with the Youngsters" already got their money's worth on the second day and were all able to record flights over 1000 km.

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Looking forward to the season

On August 22, 2023, the first four gliders were loaded into the container in Waghäusel.

If not now - when then?

Arcus M just became free again in the best time. From 11.12.2023 to 31.12.2023.
one of the last places in the container.
Bookings: hog@bitterwasser.com