1400 Kilometres for Christmas

Flying 1000 kilometres on Christmas is a great gift for any pilot. Four pilots fulfilled this wish with over 1100 kilometres on a day with unexpected possibilities. Simon Schröder and Max Schäfer flew a whole 1400 kilometres with the EB28 on Christmas Eve. In the following, they report on their flight.

"Hello everyone. We both flew together for the first time in a long time and had a super day, but it started quite late.

In the northwest we suspected moisture remnants and after using two thermals to good altitude, we already saw the first forming clouds near Rehoboth. There, in the north-west of Bitterwasser, we flew out of the cloud line and with a tailwind we flew to Mata Mata (Namibian-South African border crossing) and into South Africa for a while.

On the leg back to the northwest we had to make sure that we did not lose the thermal connection along the cloud line. So we needed some altitude and were brought back into the race at the crucial spot with a 7 metre thermal.

In the late afternoon/evening thunderstorm cells had made the situation around Bitterwasser a bit complicated. Due to rainfall and strong winds, landing would have been really difficult in the meantime. We were already in the vicinity and could easily observe how the centre of the weather cell slowly shifted to the east. A fairly well supported line of showers formed, in front of which we flew along: Just flying straight, we gained 400 metres in altitude, like riding a lift!

We flew up the line and back south to wait out the bad weather around Bitterwasser. The idea that we could complete 1400 kilometres slowly dawned on us. In the last leg we were able to glide off our altitude with 210 km/h.

By the time we landed, the weather had cleared. We were able to land safely and without any problems. With teamwork we mastered the 1400 kill kilometres on this surprisingly good but demanding day.

Because some came in later for the landing after the thunderstorm, the Christmas party was postponed. We were able to get straight into the party and enjoy Christmas dinner together with everyone and celebrate the great day."

Incidentally, the flight was Max and Simon's longest flight by distance. "And on Christmas Eve!"
A quiet landing after 1,400km.

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Looking forward to the season

On August 22, 2023, the first four gliders were loaded into the container in Waghäusel.

If not now - when then?

Arcus M just became free again in the best time. From 11.12.2023 to 31.12.2023.
one of the last places in the container.
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